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Environment/Quality Policy

Environmental Initiatives

Aiming to be a "Green Company" friendly to people and nature with a global point of view.

Our company is committed to environmental preservation, aiming to be an ecology-oriented enterprise (a green company), with our own 5 environmental policies.

Environmental policy


We promotes the activities to achieve the continuous and recyclable society

harmonized with environment by recognizing that our development,

manufacturing, and sales activities of cold forged components for automobile

strongly relate with global and regional environment where our home town

Nara has full of nature. Our company is committed to carry on the following

environmental management policy in order to achieve this environmental

policy which causes serious influence to environment by setting up our purpose

of activities and objectives to reduce continuously the load to environment.


  1. Promoting continuous improvement in an environmental management

    system, and trying our best to prevent polluttion.

  2. Observing "The basic environment law" ordinances agreements and

    etc relating to our environmental policy and striving for environmental


  3. Setting ourselves environmental objectives for environmental preservation.

  4. Paying efforts to reduce the usage of resources and tries to make effective

    use of resources.

  5. Being committed to social activities relating to environmental preservation

    and striving for harmony with the local community.


    ISO14001 certification

Quality policy

  • Setting high quality standards for the development of new technologies.
  • Developing manufacturing technologies that allow anyone to establish high quality standars.
  • Striving for continuous improvement aimed at enhancing our customer's satisfaction.
  • Stipulating our quality policy
    Each section in our company set its own quality each year which contains specific quality targets that thy aim to reach.
  • Realizing our quality policy
    To realize these quality policies they are discussed at morning meetings and quality assurance meeting in order to ensure that the policies are understood by all employees while reviewing these policies if necessary.
We establish high standards in our manufacturing processes in order to provide our customers
with fully reliable products.
ISO9001 certification TS16949 certification





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