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What’s Cold Forging?

What’s Forging?

It is a kind of plastic working method of metals, by applying pressure on metal, it compressis the internal structure of the metal, and increasis the strength. It has been used as a metal manufacturing technique such as knives, hardware and etc. for a long time.

What’s Cold Forging?

Forging can be roughly divided into three types, "hot forging" is heated to about 1200 ° C. and processed, "warm forging" is heated to about 600 ° C. to 800 ° C. and "cold forging" is processed at ordinary temperature. "Cold forging" is more accurate than other forging methods, it has beautiful surface.
It is possible to continuously produce more than 100 pieces per minute, and to process with less material loss than cutting. It can be used for important safety parts of automobiles,because of the high accuracy

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