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Research and Development

Development example 1


In the past, the part was composed of three parts produced by die-cast process,we have succeeded to make the part by cold forging without cutting process.The  strength was increased and the thickness is thinner.The weight reduced 30% and the cost as well.



Development example 2


Superalloy, ICONEL material which is ultra-high hardness, thermostable and corrosion resistant is difficult to process.In the past no one challenges to make the part by cold forging.We have succeeded to make the hollow part for automobile engine by cold forging world first.Then it reduces the cost.



Development example 3


We were asked by unit manufacturer to make the part for diesel turbo engine by cold forging.And there were some redundant part for chucking when cutting process.The material SUS was very hard and the part requires the high accuracy in dimension.We have achieved to make them by cold forging with thin profile and lighter weight.



Development example 4


The part consists of two different parts.Both connected b welding.We have achieved to make it by cold forging clamped.Then the strength of joint parthase become higher.They are mass-producting with automatic transfer machine with high speed.



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